How eCoaching Works


Most of our programs are six months long, so you and your coach have a lot of time together to develop a rapport and connection that will help you make sustainable, long-term lifestyle changes.

When first getting started in the program your coach will ask you some basic information such as short and long-term goals, obstacles and challenges you feel may be hindering your efforts and what you feel best about in terms of your health and well-being. The more you share with your coach, the better the program can be tailored to meet your needs.

Here are a few examples of email exchanges between a participant and their coach:

Participant Response:

I could really use someone to be accountable to!

I want to lose at least 25-50 pounds. I would like to also be active daily. I have arthritis in my knees so that makes walking and exercising more difficult. A few variables to measure my success will be: regular weight monitoring using the scale, my clothes needing to be replaced in smaller sizes, and to be more active each day with ease.

Coach Response Text:

Thanks for sharing your goals in more details. I can certainly be an accountability partner.

I love that you included regular weight monitoring in addition to how your clothes fit, as the scale is never the one and only best indicator of success.

I also love that you have a range goal weight down into smaller targets. If okay with you, I’d like to suggest working on even smaller increments, such as 5-10 pounds at a time, as this can feel much less overwhelming. Would you agree?

Since we know that activity and nutrition are important lifestyle factors towards weight loss, can you share more on what your nutrition habits are like currently. Also, how is the level of pain to walk at this time due to the knee issues?

Lastly, what does accountability look like for you and your current lifestyle where it's realistic and doable? I want to ensure I am giving you the greatest support possible.

Excited to be working together,
Coach Anna

Participant Response:

I am glad to be working with you!

Nutrition—typical menu:

Breakfast: A half cup of cereal with 3oz skim milk

Lunch or Dinner: 3 oz of sliced ham or turkey with 1 or 2 oz of cheese and a small salad Snack: ½ c Jell-O or pudding.

Activity-knee issues: I have some pain but not always. Sometimes my knee feels like it will give out on me.

Accountability to me is someone to keep updates related to exercise and nutrition! Thank you!

Coach Response Text:

Thanks for sharing more details. This is really helpful to personalize the program to you. I’m curious what you feel some changes would be regarding food and nutrition that would help you reach your goal would be?

Also sharing our newsletter for some fall inspiration.

Coach Anna

Participant Response:

For nutrition, I think I need to incorporate more protein use a protein drink as a snack or in place of the dry cereal and skim milk. Do you have any suggestions? I plan on beginning to walk tomorrow and walk at least a half mile and increase my distance each day!


Our texting option is a helpful tool when you have a quick question or your coach wants to send a short motivational check-in message.

Virtual Visit
These face-to-face (or screen to screen) 15-20 minute chats with your coach are available to you free-of-charge throughout the 6 month program (Don’t worry—we’ll help you get your technology set up!). We understand that not everything can be conveyed in an email or text and we value the one-on-one connection with our participants.

Similar to Virtual Visits, you may find value in an occasional phone call to touch base on goals, ask questions and feel that connection with your coach. You and your coach will work together to set up a time that works best for you.

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