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Cleveland Clinic providers have integrated eCoaching into their regular practice, offering eCoaching to patients as a way to increase touch points between appointments. This has been shown to improve patient outcomes as well as provider satisfaction. See what some of our providers from various departments and locations are saying about their experience with eCoaching.

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How to Order eCoaching

We invite all providers to join our team of medical professionals by ordering eCoaching for your patients. Upon ordering a Consult to Ecoaching Wellness, or ECOACH, in Epic, our team will reach out to your patient to get them enrolled.

When placing an order, select desired eCoaching program(s).

A coach will be assigned to work with your patient for the duration of the program. They will reach out to the patient via the email listed in the medical record. To ensure timeliness of outreach from the eCoaching team, please ensure the correct email address is in Epic.

If you have questions about ordering, or are a caregiver that knows someone who may benefit from eCoaching, but are unable to place an order yourself, please contact our team at [email protected] for further instructions.

Tobacco Cessation

The eCoaching team also manages the Tobacco Cessation Navigation Program to assist patients in beginning an intervention to quit tobacco. An EPIC order for “Consult to Smoking Cessation” (code 2117400) is available for providers. The orders are triaged by eCoach navigators who assess patients’ needs and direct them to appropriate interventions throughout various Cleveland Clinic locations or via virtual options. After contacts have been made, the Navigator will follow up with a progress note so the ordering provider is aware of the intervention the patient has chosen.

Search “Smoking Cessation” and select the first order option (code 2117400). You can also include additional information in the comment box that may be helpful for the Navigator (e.g. the patient mentioned they would prefer a group class option…)

**For pediatric patients and parents, rather than sending a traditional order, please send a staff message to our pool, e-Coaching Navigator stating a parent/caretaker is interested in quitting smoking.

On-site Coach

Interested in sharing eCoaching with the rest of your team? We welcome an invitation to your upcoming team meeting to share and learn how we can best support your patients.

Coaches are also available to come to your office on a regular basis to educate and enroll patients into eCoaching. Following an appointment, an eCoach can meet with the patient to explain more, answer questions, and get them enrolled quickly and easily into a program that fits their goals. This process has been shown to significantly expedite the enrollment process and supports long term engagement.

To schedule, please contact our team at [email protected] or 216-448-8880.


When it comes to coaching pediatric patients, involvement of the family is imperative. Our team works with the patient and parents or guardian every step of the way. Through email, texting, and virtual visits, access to a coach can happen when and where the family need it most.

Patients age 13 to 17, with parental consent, are paired with a coach and supported with age-appropriate lifestyle changes to reinforce optimal health and wellness.

Patients 12 and younger, a parent has the opportunity to be paired with a coach to support the health and wellness of their child and family.

Our team has partnered with programs including FitYouth and BeWell. Let us customize a program to meet your younger patient’s needs.

The Office Pitch

We know your time is valuable, so here are a few key points to help share how eCoaching can benefit your patients: eCoaching is:

  • An opportunity to work with a Cleveland Clinic Health Coach who provides a form of accountability and support that is flexible and tailored to their health goals.
  • Email based with supplemental texting, virtual visits and onsite coaching available.
  • Free to patients when ordered by a Caregiver!
Patients will receive a welcome email to discuss program details, goals, and expectations.


Patient Brochures are available for your office upon request.

Download eCoaching Patient Brochure


Please consider using a SmartPhrase on the After Visit Summary to provide information about the eCoaching program.

To be added as a user to the .ECOACH SmartPhrase, please contact us at [email protected]

Example: .ECOACH

Your provider ordered a consult to eCoaching to support you in your health goals!

What’s an eCoach?

An eCoach is a Cleveland Clinic Health Coach who offers you support and accountability while working towards a health related goal. The program can be tailored to fit your preferences, and flexible enough to fit any routine. Work one on one with your coach to develop a program specific to you and your goals.

How do I get started?

Your provider has already ordered eCoaching for you!

Next step: Check your inbox for a Welcome email from your Coach with Cleveland Clinic Wellness eCoaching. Reply back to say you are ready to get started.

The program is primarily email based, with the option to incorporate texting, virtual, or in-person visits.

If you don’t receive an email, first check the junk/spam folder—sometimes they end up there. An email is sent to the email on your medical record. If this is not up to date or not available, your coach will reach out by phone.

Is there a fee?

No! There is no cost or billing of this service. It’s a benefit we want to offer all people who receive their care through the Cleveland Clinic. Upon receiving an order from your healthcare provider, you’ll be eligible to participate in any of our programs.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 216-448-8880.

We look forward to partnering with you!

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