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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Cleveland Clinic patients, partners, and caregivers with evidence based wellness coaching for a better quality of life. Through lifestyle choices and behavior change we help inspire long-term, sustainable changes based on individual needs.

Our coaches have backgrounds in nutrition and dietetics, nursing, exercise science, and other clinical and healthcare professions. All coaches receive an initial 200 hours of training in coaching methodologies, behavior change and science specific to the variety of programs offered. Coaches are mentored by senior level coaches, all of whom hold a master’s degree in a related field. Additional and ongoing training is a regular part of our internal certification process.

Our Coaches:

Danielle N. Brittney G. Erin C. Rachel S. Anna C. Anne T. Ashley G. Erin C. Henry G. Karlo D. Megan M. Ruth S. Teresa M. Therese R. Zach S.

Supporting Cast:

Amy G.Darryl E.

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