General Coaching FAQ

Q: How do I sign up for eCoaching?

A: If eCoaching is offered through your employer we can help you find out the details of signing up as part of your wellness incentive. If you’re interested in signing up on your own, we offer a 3 month and a 6 month option. You can learn more here: https://shop.clevelandclinicwellness.com/collections/e-coaching.

Cleveland Clinic Patients: Please inquire about eCoaching with your PCP. This is a free service when ordered by a Cleveland Clinicprovider.

Q: Why should I have a coach?

A: Wellness is personal and the steps you take to reach your wellness goals should be personal too. Coaching is designed around YOU – your schedule, your lifestyle, and your goals. We pair you with a Cleveland Clinic Wellness eCoach who provides you with guidance and education to lose or maintain weight, quit tobacco, better manage conditions like hypertension and diabetes, reduce stress, maintain a healthy pregnancy, or improve general health and fitness. Your coach is there to keep you motivated, build your self-confidence, help you solve problems, and keep you accountable.

Q: Who are the coaches?

A: Our Cleveland Clinic eCoaches have varying backgrounds and specialties with a team that includes registered dietitians, exercise psychologists, licensed counselors, health education specialists, and other fitness and health specialists. All of the coaches go through internal training with senior level coaches before being certified to work with participants on their own. Every coach takes part in weekly meetings and ongoing trainings and education.

Q: How often should I email my coach?

A: Frequent communication is key. Participants who are most successful typically email at least 3-5 times per week. The ideal number of emails per week can vary from person to person, so talk with your coach about a schedule that works for you.

**Be aware that if you signed up through your employer you may have an email frequency requirement. If you have questions email your coach or check with your HR contact.**

Q: What am I supposed to send in my emails?

A: It depends on the program, but usually your coach will ask you for weekly goals, daily step counts or physical activity, food choices, and metrics such as weight and waist. Other information such as how you're feeling, questions, and other feedback is helpful and encouraged. We know you are busy and don’t need your emails to be long, but the more feedback you give your coach the better they're able to coach you to your goals.

Q: Do I still have to email my coach if I’m logging my steps and food choices somewhere else?

A: Even if you’re logging somewhere else (like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, LoseIt! or a wellness portal associated with your employer), we still ask that you send that information directly to your coach. Part of the success of our programs comes from the act of journaling and sharing with your coach – it is a simple but powerful and THE #1 tool to help you reach your goals. Participants find that taking screenshots of their logs or keeping a standard format for their emails helps keep the process quick and simple so you aren’t duplicating effort, so talk with your coach about what can work for you.

Q: My coach recommended a goal of 10,000 steps per day….what if I can't hit that number?

A: That's okay! Let your coach know what you're doing now and you’ll work together to build and maintain the best step goal for you.

Q: I'm on a special diet already, can I still do one of these programs?

A: Of course! Just let your coach know what your plan is so they can work with and around any special diets, allergies, or preferences.

Q: Why do I keep getting emails every week asking how I'm doing?

A: Those check-in emails are what we call a nudge. If your coach hasn't heard from you in a few days they'll send a nudge to see how you're doing and remind you to continue sending emails to stay active and engaged in the program. We still need emails from you, so keep in mind that these nudge emails are not replacing your messages to your coach.

Q: How long are the programs?

A: Most of our programs are 6 months. Tobacco Cessation is 7 months long. Healthy Sleep is 8 weeks. Stress Free Now is 6 weeks.

Q: How does the enrollment process work?

A: After you sign up for the program, your basic information—specifically email address and phone number, are sent over to our team at Cleveland Clinic. Once we have your information you’ll be connected with a coach typically within 2-3 business days.

Tobacco Cessation FAQ’s

Q: What is the process to get medications?

A: Cleveland Clinic Wellness eCoaching will work with you and your current benefits to help you receive the medications in the most cost-effective and timely manner. You will be provided with documentation to take to your doctor that explains the program and the medication protocol. It is the doctor’s discretion to write the prescriptions. You may be responsible for any co-pays for your doctor’s visits according to your benefits package.

Q: What if my doctor won’t write the prescription?

A: Cleveland Clinic Wellness respects your doctor’s knowledge of your medical history. We are fully equipped to help you quit using a variety of non-medicinal methods.

Q: Can I still do the program if I choose not to follow the medication protocol?

A: The Cleveland Clinic Wellness Tobacco Cessation Program has success rates higher than most using our recommended protocol of bupropion pills, NRT patches, regular communication with a coach and daily walking.

  • 2-5% cold turkey
  • 10% pill or patch alone
  • 15% pill and patch
  • 30% pill, patch and walking
  • 60% pill, patch walking and frequent communication with a coach
  • We recognize that not all participants are able to, or wish to use our recommended medication protocol. Our team of coaches is fully equipped to help you succeed in quitting smoking and tobacco-related products using various methods such as establishing healthier replacement behaviors.

Q: Why do I have to wait a full month after signing up to quit?

A: During the first month of the program you and your coach will work together on recognizing triggers for tobacco and also start establishing healthier replacement behaviors. Your coach will ask you about your environment both at work and home. You and your coach will work together to set up an environment of success. Month 1 is also the time when you should schedule your doctor’s appointment and secure the recommended medications in preparation for your quit date.

Q: After I quit, then what do me and my coach talk about?

A: Your coach is there to continually encourage and check-in with how you are feeling since quitting smoking or tobacco-related products. Your coach will offer further suggestions, share the science behind the benefits of quitting and modify the program accordingly. Coaches will also remind you of the schedule for stepping down on the patches and pills and eventually ending all medications.

A month to two after quitting you and your coach will begin discussing further topics related to total well-being. This may include stress management techniques, proper sleep habits, making healthy food choices, daily activity and also checking-in on any weight gain that may have accompanied quitting. Most participants lose weight throughout the program.

It takes 3 months of completing an action before it becomes a habit and a full 6 months before that habit is a true lifestyle change. For this reason, completing the full 7 month program helps ensure long-term success.

Q: Do I have to continue emailing after I quit?

A: After you feel comfortable in your environment and with the healthy replacement behaviors you’ve established, if you feel that more frequent communication is not necessary, your coach will ask for at least 1 email update every week throughout the program. We know that frequent contact, no matter how brief the email, leads to long-term success!

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